Financial Planning

- What does that even mean? Do I even need it?

We specialized in working with immigrants, families, and business owners in their 30s 40s in Maryland. No Assets, No Problem, We work with Families and Individuals who want to build their wealth the most efficient way!

Potential Problem: Lack of confidence in financial future or future financial security.
Solution We offer: We can review your current financial plan or prepare a new financial plan to bring more clarity and confidence in your financial future.

 Potential Problem: You may not know that you can do more with your money than you thought possible.
 Solution We Offer: We can provide analysis of various financial scenarios and bring more choices and clarity.

 Potential Problem: You may not know how much to save and what is the most effective way to save for retirement, kids college, house, vacation, etc.
 Solution We Offer: We can provide analysis of various financial scenarios and bring more choices and clarity.

We, at Serenity Wealth Advisors gain a deep understanding of both your individual and your business (if applicable) objectives and design customized plans to meet those needs. Integrity and commitment to our clients always come first. We pride ourselves for being fee only financial advisors and fiduciaries in every client relationship. We advise on entire financial picture, coordinating investment, retirement, individual tax planning and business tax planning in every aspect of your life.

Professional Wealth Management

We provide financial planning services on topics such as retirement planning, risk management, college savings, cash flow, debt management, work benefits, and estate and incapacity planning.

Technology and TAMPs

We use the latest technology to manage your assets

A Better Way to Make Financial Decisions

Over 1 million people are using Asset-Map with their advisors to gain financial clarity. What’s more, we have over $400 billion financial instruments mapped in Asset-Map. Watch the video to see how we can help your clients visualize the possibilities.

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